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The Many Magics of Shekhinah Mountainwater 




I am a priestess of change. 

I seek to rebuild the ancient Rim,*

the magic circle that we have lost...

our faery ring. I envision a world

where every Being on the Rim

is Special, Important,

and necessary to the Whole...




(What's In The Caves?  Click Here For Table of Contents and Locations)


Magic is how everything comes to be... magic is knowing you make a difference... Magic is working with heart and mind and psychic energy; Fire (Will), Water (Desire), Air (Thought), Earth (Body), and Spirit.  Magic can be done together or alone, in a temple, at home, or in the wilderness- any place that feels special and sacred.  Magic is myth and vision, casting spells, understanding herbs, planets and stars...  It is the Mysteries of Woman; our deep ties to Earth, Blood, and Moon.  Magic can be done in pure innocence or great knowing.  "An it harm none, do as thou wilt" is the cardinal rule of magic.  Use it for good and good will come, use it for ill, and ill will befall.  Magic is the oldest Wisdom, folk knowledge, it belongs to everybody.


Oh and alas, my soulkin, methinks some  earthlings  have a distorted view of the word "feminism" and we have lost a lot of support for the real needs of women because of it.  Here at Moonspell it's about reinstating reverence and love and respect and freedom and fulfillment for women,  so we can bring back health and peace to the world for all:  women, men, children, animals, plants, faeries and all the beautiful earth as well.   We believe that men are women too, and if they only  knew this, the human world would do a flipflop of transformation.  We're  into sharing power and mutual regard and building bonds of love and trust with sisters.  We hope that's the message you get from us, dear visitors.  Here at Moonspell we love the idea of  "deep feminism," a beautiful saying made by our circle sister Ariadne Pythia.  This is about heart politics, ending masculation (which affects everyone), and returning to the Goddess.



We are a temple of Women's Mysteries, of communication and ideas, of muse-ical inspiration, magical offerings, heart politics,  online community, and respite from the unreal world.  Come into the arms of the Goddess, where you are loved unconditionally and magic reigns.

Moonspell is always in process.  Adventure with us, if it pleaseth thee, and watch her grow...

NOTE: Having difficulty reading text at Moonspell?  We realize all our colors and sparklies might be a distraction for some visitors.  We love them and don't want to change them, but if you want, you can remedy things simply by right-clicking anywhere on the page and then left-clicking "Select All."  Happy reading!  :0)

CLICK HERE  to bypass Wella's Introduction (just below) and find out what's in the Caves.

(Please don't mind the scrolling... it's just as easy as turning a non-virtual page!  Plus it's bringing back the tradition of ancient texts that were recorded in delicious scrolls.  And- it helps us get into our non-linear right brains!   Moonspell is a place of  gentle pace and slowing down... so take a breath, take off your shoes, smell a flower, and deepen with us.  Turtle is!)

Hi!  I'm Wella the Weremaid.  I come from a long line of mer-faeries who have always lived in and around wishing wells.  I am Shekhinah's magical  helper and psychic companion, come to assist with Moonspell.  We're here to accompany you through these starry caves and explain our witchy doings.

But first let me tell you a little bit about us.  My mer-faery kin are spirits of wishing wells in the body of Mother Earth.   We dance and sing with the essence of their waters, splashing around in them, exchanging love, renewal, and fun.  This dance keeps the waters fresh, healing, and magical.  And it endows mer-faeries with special powers.  We can fly and swim between the worlds, and help make earthkin wishes come true.  Each of us has our own abilities too... for instance, I can sing up flowers.  And send out sparks from my fiery red hair.  <g>  good thing I like to hang out around water!  :0)

Shekhinah has been a channel of Goddess energy for many lifetimes.  She is a part of the first wave of Her return in this cycle of time.  Now when so many sister and brother earthlings have realized the Goddess, they may not know of the many ways in which Shekhinah has helped.  (sigh)  That's the patriarchy for you.  So many women in the background,  hardly noticed, yet keeping it all together, re-weaving reality every day.

Shekhinah is a real witch, and let me tell you, the last few centuries have not been easy.  She told me about terrible things - like being burned at the stake, and forgetting who she was out of fear and shock, and being betrayed by sisters, and many other nightmares we won't go into here.  But we both remember a Time when women like Shekhinah were loved and respected by most everybody.   We think that Time is here again, and people are awakening to the truth about the Goddess and psychic powers and loving the earth and connecting with Faery and honoring sisterhood and...  I hope we're right 'cause the world sure needs it!

And so Moonspell was created to help bring back the old ways and bring Shekhinah's transforming magic to you, gentle spirits.

(photo above taken by Bluemoon at the Wise Woman's Festival '03 Fla)

 Here's what you can find in the caves after they are all filled up:


1. HOME CAVE Where you are now.  This is the Sacred Threshold,
where you are introduced to Moonspell, Shekhinah, and me, Wella.  (Our intros are just above.  Scroll up to see me! :0) 

2. ABOUT SHEKHINAH  Learn about Shekhinah's background and life story, her awakening to the Goddess and her destiny as priestess, her struggles and mundane influences as well as magical ones.  Meet her children and grandchildren, some of her friends, and her inimmitable majestic cat.

3. CURRENT EVENTS  Announcing Shekhinah's live concerts, classes, workshops or other types of appearances; in person, in media, or online... watch postings in this cave for chat gathers, readings or classes... (also see MOONCAVE CHAT)

MAGICAL OFFERINGS   In this cave you can find out about Shekhinah's Goddess-inspired products and services: Rituals, Tarot, Music, CDs and Tapes, Books, Concerts, Workshops, Classes, Correspondence Course, Magical Consultations, blessings of the Muse... Come here if you would like to call on Shekhinah for her offerings,  to browse, or just to see what a radical feminist witch sister has been up to all these years...  <g>  This cave has several cavelets, sections or sub-pages, which you can link to at its bottom, or right here:  Shekhinah's Music,  Tarot Readings Consultations Classes, Workshops, and Rituals,  Ariadne's Thread Excerpt From Ariadne's Thread, and Womanrunes.

TESTIMONIA  Endorsements from those who love Shekhinah's work.

TAROT  Do you want a reading?  Here is where you can get the details on Shekhinah's readings for ordering and/or background information.  See samples of cards and discussion of  Shekhinah's Tarot,  her handmade round Goddess-deck.  Read up on her philosophy and approach to the process of divination.  Cavelets or sub-pages in TAROT are:  To Order A Reading,  Payment Options,  About Shekhinah's Readings,   About Shekhinah's Tarot Deck,   and Tarot Articles.         

MOONCAVE CHAT  This is our online gathering and meeting place for classes, tarot readings, consultations, rituals, and schmoozing. Come to this cave to watch for announcements of up-and-coming chatroom events.  Find instructions for accessing the Mooncave chatroom.

THEALAGIE*   This is the Cave of Women's Mysteries, where we can celebrate and learn about  sacredness in female.  "Thealagie" is Shekhinah's and my spelling of this word, formerly "theology,"  then later, "thealogy."  Here we will be guided by Ariadne, Lady of the Labyrinth and Giver of the Silver Thread...  Study up on a new woman-centered paradigm for generating a peaceful, woman-loving world.  Read extensive articles on subjects dear to our hearts...Cavelets or sub-pages in THEALAGIE are:   The Goddess Year  Seasonal Invocations,   Winter Solstice,   Musea,   Koreturn Diana, and  Moonwheel Calendar.

WITCHY COMMENTARY    Pithy discussions on heady or controversial topics such as healing the gender split, reclaiming the lost sisterhood, naming the patriarchal patterns in our midst,  the uses of language to perpetuate dividedness...  Oya, She Who Wields the Sword of Truth and Unleashes the Cleansing Winds presides in this cave.  Tuwanda!!

APHRODITE'S SHRINE  For spiritual retreat, soulful healing and inspiration.  Come see Shekhinah's beautiful altar to the Goddess of Love... feast on passionate, poetic liturgy... read up on the magic and thealagie of this Goddess in the Shrine Library, perform a ritual if you like, or just hang out in safe, sacred space... Cavelets or sub-pages in APHRODITE'S SHRINE are:   Shrine Library Cavelet;  Entrance,   Shrine Library Cavelet #2,   #3,   #4,   and   #5.  

HABONDIA'S GROVE    Our process and principles on money ethics.  Want to help support Moonspell and join in creating the new woman-centered paradigm?  Donate here...  Habondia,  She Who Gives in Overflowing Abundance... who nourishes us with her sacred substance...presides in this cave.

SOULSONGS   Shekhinah's unique and magical poetry...The Muse rules here.  SOULSONG cavelets are:  More Soulsongs, 
Soulsongs #3,   #4,   #5,   and   #6.  

MAGICALINKS   Our cyberweb community.  Find links to the sites of like-spirited folk around the internet, with a little introduction for each.

OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY             Tadaaa!!!

"MOONSPELLS" is our Women's Cybercircle Egroup for sisters who love    
MOONSPELL and are into Goddess Feminist Spirituality, sisterhood, magic,
ritual, world change, world healing, personal healing, Shekhinah's
offerings, and anything else that you are passionate about!  Come let
your hair down and put your feet up and schmooze with us... :0)
Check us out and/or join here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Moonspells/
No fees required.

"MOONSPELL STUDY CIRCLE", an online Grove of sacred learning
and teachings in the Womanspirit tradition.  First class began
2/14/05 on the subject of lunar calendars.  We are making our own,
based on the round Moonwheels(c) invented by Shekhinah.  Join us
any time for this or any of our ongoing topics.  Coming up: Woman-
runes, Deep Shielding, Shekhinah's Tarot, Goddess Magic.  Small
circle with loving personal attention given to each member.
Modest fees required.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/moonspellstudycircle

Shekhinah's Blog, "So She Stirs"  Musings, Rants, Poetry, Articles,
Journalings...see what's on the mind of this elder priestess nowadays;
leave your own comments too!  http://journals.aol.com/shekhinahmoon/SoSheStirs

"DEEP FEMINISM" Our community political forum.  Not that we don't wax
passionately and heartfully political in our other groups as well, but this circle
focuses specifically on examining patriarchy and seeking solutions and
alternatives.  Birthed and moderated by our circle sister Ariadne Pythia. 

JOIN OUR GODDESS EMAILING LIST!  (This is not a group; just a mailing list) Email us if you'd like to receive occasional musings and announcements; very occasional forwards if we think they're urgent...  We always BCC for privacy. 


*Rim:  Thanks to Christina Baldwin and her wonderful book Calling the Circle, in which she teaches us the importance of "holding the rim."  Keeping our connection to the circle by helping to maintain the perifory, is one of the keys to spiritual empowerment and  an egalitarian society. 

*Thealagie:  A new spelling coined by Wella and Shekhinah to name a completely woman-centered woman-loving spiritual path.



Thanks to Cerridwen Sidhewolf  who extended a hand of friendship and opened the gate for Moonspell to return to cyberspace at last!  Among her many amazing abilities, Cerridwen is  webmistress of several beautiful sites. 

Thanks to Mary Ellen Brown for donating Shekhinah's first computer Jezebel, without whom none of this could have happened.  Be Blessed beautiful bear! 

Thanks to Adam Donovan, Shekhinah's first initiator into the mysteries of cyberspace. 

Thanks to the many other friends who have appeared along the way to lend a helping hand...







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